Notarianni’s, Eastbourne

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This place is stupendous!

Have you been there, Ross? I’m glad they’ve not altered it too much inside but they seem to be a little confused on their recent revamp – there are lava lamps on each table and the back room and toilet have been questionably wallpapered to look ‘groovy’… The woman that served us last time we went was really friendly and chatty and we had ice cream sundaes and knickerbocker glories. They still serve cups of Bovril. Bloody great! It’s still a family business, as far as I’m aware.

There are still branches running in Blackpool and Brid.

The Battersea one was running as an Italian restaurant, with 60s frontage, up until at least ten years ago but has since changed hands. The Sunderland branch was demolished, along with the rest of that block of shops. The one in Seaburn has long since gone too.

Have you been to Alonzi’s and Pacitto’s in Scarborough? If you love ice cream bars they’re both a treat. Not been to Jaconelli’s kiosk but it’s touted as a Scarborough institution.

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    Yes, but not in years. Pleased to hear it is essentially the same. The Blackpool Notarianni’s certainly isn’t,...
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